About Us

What is The Modern Piggy Bank?

The Modern Piggy Bank is a blog posting interesting thoughts and insights about personal finance and investing. Our motto here is “minimizing expenses while optimizing savings.” Our goal is to educate people how to save more, invest wisely, and make the most of their spending by documenting our own experiences with money that everyone can enjoy.

You can expect a lot of different stuff here. We will post things like how to utilize modern savings engines, making use of ecommerce for extra income, and we might even throw in our thoughts on emerging markets every now and then. Not to mention our take on the best bang for your buck products and experiences. Whether you have $10 or $10 million in the bank you will be challenged to think smarter and more strategically with your money.

Who are the contributors?

We are two recent graduates and close friends from Penn State. After securing our first full time jobs we decided to start this blog as a project to track our own wealth building journey. We come from an engineering and economics background, live in two different areas of the country, and work for one extremely large established company and one startup. While our professional lives may be different the goal is the same, to minimize expenses and optimize savings to enjoy our wealth in the future.

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